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Port Said & Port Fouad


This post shows the timeline of main events that occurred and led to the development and evolution of the heritage of Port Said & Port Fouad Continue reading “Heritage”



Here we focus more on Lisbon & Almada vs Port Said & Port Fouad  Continue reading “Precedents”

SWOT Analysis

Urban Evolution

This post describes the urban evolution of Port Said and Port Fouad through a timeline. Including the urban evolution of the different districts in the two ports. Continue reading “Urban Evolution”

Video 3: Playback

Video 2 : The Story

Video 1: the story begins


This post shows the accessability from and to Port Said & Port Fouad.In addition to the infrastructure of the two cities.


This post includes maps showing how to get around the city in means of cars, public transportation and pedestrian walkable distances

Continue reading “Mobility”

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