This post shows the virtual water highways and the functions included on the waterfront.

The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean sea with the red sea, it has the shortest maritime route, world’s most heavily used shipping lanes.┬áPort Said’s economy is based on the water functions; two main functions are the fishing industry and the port. Also, the maintenance and refueling the shipping passing through. Some of the main export products are rice, cotton.

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This file here is showing the functions on the shore with their space.


There are 3 main virtual water lanes

  1. Ferry rides

    are connecting Port Said & Port Fouad; which holds both people and cars.IMG_8002.JPG

  2. Cargo Ships

    These are ships with containers for export/ import , passing through , maintenance and refueling.

  3. hdxfhytrs.jpg
  4. Fisher boats



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