This post shows the different functions ,their connectivity and their density in both Port Said & Port Fouad.

These drawings are an overview of both cities on different scale where Port Said is considered as the large-scale city and Port Fouad as the smaller one.

teaching-group-function_karim-ezzat-22-1234_ahmed-ades-22-5678_jose-manuel-5-8121_sheet-1The above drawing shows an overview of the both cities and their functions. It focuses mainly on the streets , port and functions ,where they are colour coded according to each function and this shows their density inside the city.

panel-1-part-2The above drawing is focusing more about the port as it is considered the most important function in Port Said and Port Fouad. Not only in Port Said and Port Fouad , but it is also considered a global connection between countries all over the world. Mainly this drawing focuses on the relation between the port and functions , The connection between the port and function and lastly, people’s  methods of transportation from the port to the city considering their different needs.

panel-1-part-3The above drawing discusses mainly on how the functions are connected together and be able to relate how it works this drawing can also deduce whether these functions are connected in a walk-able distance or not .In spite of Port Said being more crowded with more functions. However Port Fouad the foot print is smaller but all the function are connected through a walk-able distance.


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Connections in Port Said’s districts


New Proposal For Port Said