A blog created by Architecture & Urban Planning students at the German University in Cairo (GUC) ; Class of the 7th semester ; 31- design studio V ; about Egyptian port cities more specifically Port Said & Port Fouad.

The Mediterranean region is mainly characterized by its different port cities around its basin. The sea is a cultural, social and economic crossroads of so many local civilizations, the cradle for so many others. Mediterranean sea is crossed by virtual highways. Its etymological origin confirms this function; sea between two lands;Mediterranean port cities are urban shapes where water and ground express those crossroads. being possible to talk about a Mediterranean spirit , we must accept its multicultural approach to Egyptian port cities system within the Mediterranean one. Port Said and Port Fouad are chosen to begin the analysis, evaluate and propose a short number of variables converging on these two river cities.

This design studio is intended to discover the specific characteristics of public spaces as links between land and water. A sociocultural equipment would be proposed.This proposal would work as the symbol of new cultural functions of the current dynamics in contemporary port cities – public buildings cannot be considered as a single initiative; public spaces around them will be the engines for remaking the relationship between the cities and their respective port areas.

Our Mission

Platform to expand architecture & rethink port cities around the world and more specifically around the Mediterranean sea , as well as raising awareness about port cities.

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