The blog was initially created by the students of the Architecture & Urban Planning Department at the German University in Cairo (GUC) during their 7th semester in the design studio V course(2016/2017), covering the topic “Egyptian Port Cities” . The main focus was  Port Said & Port Fouad. A new version of this course (2017-2018) expanded the research to ctudy  Damietta, as a collaborative work in the design studio  and elective courses.

The Mediterranean Sea is mainly characterized by its diverse port cities around its basin. It’s a cultural, social and economic crossroad of so many local civilizations, the cradle for so many others. Crossed by virtual highways, the Mediterranean Sea’s etymological origin confirms its function: a sea between two lands, connected to each other, the port cities express these crossroads.

Regarding the Egyptian port cities, the analysis started with two of the most important port cities in Egypt, Port Said and Port Fouad, evaluating and proposing several variables of those river cities. The  last goal will be to cover the whole Mediterranean Egyptian coastline analysis.

Our Mission

Platform to expand architecture & rethink port cities around the world and more specifically around the Mediterranean sea , as well as raising awareness about port cities.

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